Herrensahne XII

The greying gentlemen of the Herrensahne collective asked us to develop a visual concept for the latest number of their well-respected comic books – that was especially made for the first ’Comic Clash’ during this year’s ’Comic Salon’ in Erlangen.

Theme of the contest and therefore the issue: The Meaning Of Life

As all ten stories have a common key element (a comet that passes planet earth and causes a laughter epidemic) we decided to take that astrological aspect as a basis for our work. During the further research we discovered an astrological specialized book from the 1950s that became the starting point for our design. The idea was to adapt that classic scientific look into a modern and fresh comic style.

We additionally developed a concept for several icons according to the particular stories to separate the different ’chapters’. The final icons were beautifully executed by Max Fiedler.

Cover illustration by Roman Klonek.