Corporate Identity for HORISUM – one of the largest event centers in the world.

Based on the name and existing logo, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event asked us to develop a new, fresh and unique identity – including everything from a basic colour code to the whole stationary, a graphic language, a textual tonality, a web appearance (realized with Present Progressive), several print-ads, a complete corporate guidance and a 53-second corporate film (produced by Parasol Island and musically supported by Rolf Maier-Bode).

The main challenge was to find a simple but charming solution to communicate the highly flexible structures of HORISUM in an interesting yet informative and easily understandable way. A modular claim mechanic turned out to be the key element of the whole communication – as it perfectly underlines not only the direct connection between HORISUM and event planners from all around the world but also the process it takes to transform great ideas into equally great events …